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Need more customers?

You’ve come to the right place!

Motivate Media are here to help you supercharge your marketing to get ahead of your competitors and see real results. 

Why isn't my marketing working?

The market moves so fast it is hard to keep on top of marketing trends and new initiatives and that’s why you should talk to us.

A few reasons your marketing may not be working well:

  • Competitors are stealing your market share
  • Advertising without defined strategy
  • Trying to do it all yourself ‘on the cheap’
  • Lack of market research to truly understand your customer segments and their needs
  • Bigger issues are overshadowing the little things that make a difference to your customer
  • You can’t afford to increase marketing spend because what you are spending isn’t returning a profit


Need more customers?

Is this you?

It’s common for business owners to feel frustrated that their marketing activity is not achieving the required results

“I don’t have time to focus on  Marketing – and I’m not sure if my advertising is even working”

Dare to be Different

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How We’ll Help you


We’ll do a full analysis of your current situation, give you some fast fixes and develop a marketing strategy to grow your business.

Your Marketing strategy is the why, what, when and how of marketing activities formulated to reach your business goals.

It defines the opportunities and risks you need to respond to rather than leaving it to ‘gut feel’ or poor advice

Strategy drives clear communication, consistency, accountability and better cost controls.


Your brand is your company’s DNA. It encapsulates your company’s values and must shine in every touch point along your customer’s  purchase journey.

How long is it since you’ve had a long hard look at how your brand is seen across the business or perceived by customers?

Motivate Media will help you develop your brand’s real potential and bring it to life across your audio and visual assets.


We start with your brand assets such as your website and social pages. Content is king!

This is one area where small tweaks make a huge difference!

Once your content is aligned with your key customer’s interests we will boost your results with Search marketing and localised social media campaigns.


Tired of seeing 12 different media reps a month?

Our one stop agency approach means we negotiate for you, saving you time in meetings. We also provide clear and unbiased analysis.

Your media campaign will be in line with your strategy, not someone elses.

One consolidated invoice & One detailed performance report


“To provide a compelling reason to take action”

So here's why you should get in touch

  • You’ll never be short of an idea again
  • Know what is working and how to fix what’s not
  • We’ll sort your marketing so you can get back to what you do best
  • Our costs are usually well covered by savings created in your current budget & revenue growth from improved marketing

Don’t put it off until you have a bigger problem –  give us a call today on 1300 MARKETING