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Marketing Consultants & Advertising Gurus

Motivate Media offer expert consulting in marketing strategy, sales and brand development.

Our core function is developing compelling reasons for people to do business with you.

Give customers the right reason – at the right time with our laser targeted digital marketing & media campaigns.

  • Confused about Marketing?
  • Need better returns on your marketing $?
  • Don’t know if your advertising is working?
  • Want more accountability?
  • Need to free up internal human resources?


It’s ok.

we’re here to help you right now ……

Our 4 Pillars for Marketing Success


Your Marketing strategy is the why, what, when and how of marketing activities formulated to reach your business goals.

It defines the opportunities and risks you need to respond to rather than leaving it to ‘gut feel’

Strategy drives clear communication, consistency, accountability and better cost controls.


Your Brand encapsulates your company’s values. It must shine in every touch point along  your customer’s path to purchase.

Motivate Media will help you develop your brand identity’s real potential and bring it to life across your audio and visual assets. Your brand is your company’s DNA


We start with your brand assets such as your website and social pages. Content is king!

Once your content is aligned with your key customer persona’s interests we will boost your results with Search marketing and localised social media campaigns.


Tired of seeing 12 different media reps a month?

Our one stop agency approach means we negotiate for you, saving you time in meetings.

Your media campaign will be in line with your strategy, not someone elses.

One consolidated invoice One detailed performance report

Dare to be Different

anything is possible with the right strategy...
















How we Work

Our job is to improve your ROI.

Implementing the right strategies can lower your overall marketing spend and increase returns at the same time! Plan the work – Eliminate non essential or ad-hoc activity – Work the plan…

Improving your return on investment has two parts:

  1. Engage and satisfy your existing long term customers 
  2. Attract new customers from the targeted segment that  yields the best profit.

We help you get these settings right, then implement marketing to engage these customers with laser accuracy.

Once you see your results fast tracking, you’ll become our satisfied long term customer!

We think of it as a partnership for success.

years experience in Management, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Advertising

Ready to Turbo Charge your marketing results?

“When a compelling reason is given, a person is motivated to take action”